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Monday 23 September - Living with Leprosy
Alex Krotoski's dad and step mum worked at the US's last leper home, the National Hansen's Disease Centre in Carville Louisiana. Today she makes a return journey to find out if the stigma of leprosy still exists and how the disease is being treated. (BBC)

Tuesday 24 September - Flying Green
Can aviation become sustainable? Katie Prescott explores whether technological advances - in powering green flight - can keep us airborne with a clear conscience. (BBC)

Wednesday 25 September - Ken Hom - My Life In 5 Dishes
Emily Thomas visits the Chinese-American cook, Ken Hom, in his Paris flat to hear about his life told through five memorable dishes. (BBC)

Thursday 26 September - The Power of Peace
Lucy Cooke discovers whether it is better to fight or make peace in the animal kingdom. (BBC)