1 Nov 2019

Steak 'n cheese off the menu at Vegan Pie Awards

From Checkpoint, 5:53 pm on 1 November 2019

It's Friday, and for many New Zealanders that means pie-day - a chance for the lunchtime treat of mince 'n cheese or steak and mushroom to round off the week.

But what about a traditional meat pie that doesn't actually have any meat in it?

That was the goal for the national vegan pie awards which took place in Auckland.

Dozens of bakers submitted entries from around New Zealand - with not a trace of animal product in sight.

New research has revealed around a third of Kiwis are opting to cut back or cut out meat.

Checkpoint cameraman Nick Monro and reporter Nita Blake-Persen went to check out the vegan pies for themselves.